Anne Marie Waters 

Wednesday 24th February 2021


There is a big problem with policing in Britain.  This is particularly so for us here in Hartlepool.  As I’ve written previously, Cleveland has the highest crime rate in the whole of England and Wales.  Politicians do little, if anything at all.

Ever since the MacPherson inquiry in to the murder of Stephen Lawrence, policing has become racialised; causing a divide straight through the heart of our society.  It has also tied police officers up with political correctness and things that are either not crimes at all, or ought not to be crimes.  For example, across the UK, police have recorded 120,000 ‘non crime hate incidents’.  Imagine the resources used for this, and why on earth are the police involved if no crime has been committed?

Furthermore, police have taken sides politically, and it shows.  They looked away while girls, mostly white English girls, were raped by gangs of Muslim men.  Meanwhile, they are quick to visit mosques to provide reassurance to Muslims in the wake of terror attacks.  Where is the reassurance for non-Muslims following similar attacks?

Police will shut down or prevent patriotic or pro-British rallies and protests, but stand idly by while Antifa and Black Lives Matter commit criminal offences in front of their eyes. They are entirely political and seem to spend more time on Twitter than on the streets tackling actual criminals.

That has got to stop.

Without an unbiased and just system of policing, a country can become unstable.  It can become extremely dangerous.

For Britain prioritises restoring trust in the police but this can only be done by removing politics from our forces.  Police and Crime Commissioners must go.  There needs to be a complete clean sweep at the top of policing and our officers must be trained to uphold the law, not harass people for their views on politics, or Islam, or immigration, or transgenderism.

Police chiefs must be accountable to the public, and through our Public Sector Accountability Act, For Britain will make that a reality.

The decent majority in this country are bewildered and angry about the current behaviour of our police.  For Britain stands with the decent majority.

This is very important and it must be tackled.  For Britain will change policing in our country, away from politics and towards a fair, just, unbiased system of law enforcement.



Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain 

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