Anne Marie Waters

Wednesday 24th February 2021


Back in 2011, the A&E department in Hartlepool closed.  A couple of years later, the Intensive Care unit closed.  People in Hartlepool must now head off to Stockton for both services.

There were protests against these closures, but they came to no good.  That is not unusual.  People in towns across this country must simply watch while they lose essential services, powerless to stop it.

This really isn’t good enough.  For Britain will fix the NHS.

Our policy on the NHS is simple; we want to keep it, but not as it is.  Healthcare must remain free, and available according to need, for all British citizens and those who have lived here legally and paid taxes for a minimum of 5 years.  We cannot however provide healthcare for the whole world, so-called ‘health tourism’ must stop.

We all know the good work that the NHS does, but it has enormous problems.  Politicians from all parties offer up the same old response – more money.  That’s it!  Government after government has done nothing but throw money at the health service for years.  But the truth is, much of this money is being poured straight down the drain.

Excessive bureaucracy, top-heavy management, ridiculous procurement practices, and outright waste pervade the NHS, and I want to know exactly what is going on and exactly where your money is being spent.

That’s why it is For Britain policy to audit the NHS.  We need to know what is being spent and where.  We will also prevent MPs profiting from health service contracts they vote for.

A further fact is that while services are cut and departments closed, chief executives and other highly paid non-medical staff are taking home millions.  Meanwhile, nurses and other essential medical staff are underpaid.  This cannot be right.

For Britain will make hospital chief executives accountable to local people.  If the boss of your hospital isn’t doing a good job, and doesn’t prioritise your services, you can get rid of them!  Only For Britain is offering this through our Public Sector Accountability Act policy.  We offer this because we are alone in politics in admitting that the NHS cannot go on as it is.

We want to keep the National Health Service.  Our poorest people, our elderly and disabled people, and people with serious illnesses depend on it for their well-being and indeed their very lives.  We must protect it.  For Britain will do just that by saving money and spending it on patients, not bureaucrats.

That’s For Britain’s policy, and that’s For Britain’s promise.



Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain 

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