Anne Marie Waters

February 15th 2021


Hartlepool needs housing.  People have families, they need homes.  People are moving here from other parts of the country that have simply become too overcrowded.  Others are coming here from countries all over the world.

Housing projects are therefore taking place across the town, often on our beautiful green belt.  For example, housing projects are happening on the outskirts of villages like Hart, Greatham and Elwick.  Construction is taking place in these villages despite objections from local residents.  In other words, Hartlepool Council isn’t listening.

Council house development is also taking place, such as at Lynn Street, but this partly funded through council borrowing.  It borrows more and more.  Meanwhile, buildings sit empty across the town. In 2019, there were 726 empty homes in Hartlepool.  This is rising year on year, making us one of the worst offenders in this regard in the entire United Kingdom.

While the council borrows to fund construction, it is spending your money elsewhere.  There are almost 40 unelected managers at work in Hartlepool council.  All of them earning above £50,000 per year.  At the very top, they are taking home more than £100,000 per year.  In 2019, the bill for just 7 of these unelected officials topped £1 million.  Are you happy with this?

Remember, when interest rates rise on borrowing, so will your council tax.  It is inevitable.  What won’t happen is any reduction in the huge salaries of Hartlepool Council officials.

What’s more, the Council is still advertising for big salaried jobs.  In the Hartlepool Mail this week, a new “deputy public health director” is being sought, at a cost of between £70,000 and £80,000 per year of your money.  What will they do exactly?  Wouldn’t it be better for public health if we restored our housing, cleaned our streets, provided jobs and livelihoods, and worked to end the awful reality that Cleveland is now the most crime-ridden place in England and Wales?  This is how we improve public health, not by hiring yet more bureaucrats at public expense!

All political parties repeat the same mantra; they talk about the need for housing, but rarely go in to the details.  They don’t talk about how this will increase your council tax, they don’t take about the need for infrastructure and the pressure on hospitals, schools, and policing.  They don’t talk about the destruction of our green belt, or the rubbish building up on our streets.

For Britain is completely different.  We know that we should not be borrowing to build houses, we should be targeting waste instead.  We should use the properties already sitting empty.  This is For Britain policy.

When major construction projects are planned, the people of Hartlepool should vote on it.  That is For Britain policy.

It is also For Britain policy that we should reject any influx of “asylum seekers” or “refugees” while local people struggle.

For Britain will protect our villages and our beautiful countryside by building on brownfield sites only.  We will not allow council-owned properties to sit empty, or council executives take home huge salaries, while our countryside is decimated. That’s For Britain policy.

But in the longer term, there is an elephant in the room that only For Britain will address.  Every other political party in the whole of the UK ignores this elephant; For Britain will take it on.

Why does Great Britain have a housing crisis at all?  Our birth rates have gone down, not up, and yet our population rises and rises.  Why is this?

The problem is mass immigration.  The problem is that our national governments, both Tory and Labour, have allowed 100,000s of people to enter this country every year, for decades.  Not only does this increase crime, homelessness, and unemployment, but it has led to cultural clashes and a divided society.  Illegal immigration makes a mockery of our laws, and while you were locked in your home and businesses destroyed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, illegal immigrants were ferried to our country and housed in plush hotels at your expense.

You are paying for this, and your taxes WILL go up.

Even if you don’t believe that mass immigration is yet affecting Hartlepool, it is coming your way.  If things continue, that is an inevitability.  When this happens, do you trust Hartlepool Council to put your interests first?

For Britain is different, we do not offer up the same failed solutions over and over again.

We will:

  • End waste and provide for construction on brownfield sites, or property already owned by the council, as priority.  We will protect our green countryside.
  • Demand an end to huge salaries for council executives and use that money to stop council tax rises.
  • Give you a direct say over what major projects are constructed in Hartlepool (or how many “asylum seekers” we accept).
  • Allow no new house building unless the required infrastructure is in place and we can be assured that our town will be safe and clean.

Perhaps most crucially of all, we will end the mass immigration that is causing this crisis in the first place.

This May, do something different and vote For Britain.  We cannot afford to elect the same people to make the same mistakes again and again.

It’s time to vote for someone who will genuinely protect your interests in this town.  It’s time to vote For Hartlepool.  It’s time to vote For Britain.


Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain 

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