Letter to Editor of Hartlepool Mail regarding Councillor Karen King


Dear Ms Yates,

I read with interest your newspaper’s article describing the cowardly behaviour of the bulk of Hartlepool’s councillors – it is a sad indictment of our democracy.

The article refers to comments made by Councillor Karen King at a recent virtual council meeting.  Cllr King said:

“I think if you want to help the kids in Hartlepool schools then I would encourage them to turn off the TV.

“If you look at mainstream media they are totally ramping up the fear factor for Covid for a virus which has a low number of cases and a low death rate, so I think you need to stop exposing kids to all this scaremongering.

“The second issue I have is that I think if you’re going to help these kids then we need to oppose the tier system that the Government has implemented.”

Unlike so many in elected politics today, Councillor King had the courage to think differently and to express a view held by herself and millions of others.  Instead of engaging with Karen’s point, some of her co-councillors instead want her silenced.  How typical this is.  Those who are duly elected are unable to speak their minds in modern politics, and anyone who dares to veer from an approved script is censored and smeared. This can be seen across the board in politics and it is nothing short of anti-democratic.

I can’t help but wonder whether it is Karen King’s impeccable record as a councillor that is truly behind this.  Councillor King is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, generous and caring councillors the people of De Bruce ward could hope to have.  She tirelessly works for the people in her ward.  She has provided for local people in need, hired skips to reduce fly-tipping, and she takes to the streets in all weathers to keep our ward clean.

Can the councillors who criticise her say the same?

I am deeply proud of Karen, and she represents exactly what the For Britain Movement stands for – a voice for those who are censored, smeared or sidelined for expressing an ‘unfashionable’ view.

Well done Karen.



Anne Marie Waters


For Britain Movement

De Bruce Ward, Hartlepool