Hartlepool MP Mike Hill was in the papers this week, and it isn’t a glowing review!  You can watch my video on it here.

The Independent reported:

A Labour MP accused of sexual harassment has claimed £2,000 of public money as part of costs linked to the case.

The claimant, who says she was sexually assaulted by Mike Hill, was made homeless after losing her jobs and is crowdfunding her case, the Sunday Times reported.

The complaint will be heard at the London Central Employment Tribunal in May.

Mr Hill, the MP for Hartlepool, denies the allegations. He was suspended from the Labour Party during an investigation last year but the whip was reinstated a month later.
This is scandalous.  It is not up to the British taxpayer to fund these costs and Mr Hill ought to know better.  But this is nothing new, we know that MPs have been claiming expenses for all sorts, and doing so for a long time.  What an incredibly arrogant attitude to think they are entitled to our money!
In 2018, a review of the expense claims of NorthEast MPs revealed that Mr Hill had pocketed more than £22,000 that year.
MPs feel untouchable, they feel entitled to those seats in the Mother of Parliaments, they take our votes for granted.  I say we show them who is really in charge – the people.  It’s our money and it is not to be frittered away by MPs.