Several members of the public have contacted me about the presence, or potential presence, of “refugees” or “asylum seekers” in Hartlepool.

The reason I put those words in quote marks is quite simply because they are not true; most “refugees” do not meet the legal definition of that word.  The same applies to “asylum seeker”.  The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people coming to our shores are coming here as illegal immigrants, attempting to use the asylum to gain unlawful access to our country.

We are in the midst of a pandemic and our economy is flatlining.  Our people face an uncertain future, we don’t even know what the unemployment rates will be in a few months’ time, and we can’t predict what awful policies Boris Johnson’s government will introduce to make us even poorer.

Even the United Nations admits that only about 1 in 5 of those arriving may have any legitimate claim to asylum.  The European Union admitted the same back in 2015 when more than a million travelled to Germany alone.  We know what happened then – terror attacks, rape, an explosion in crime on German streets.

In France recently, yet another “asylum seeker” paid his respects to the country that gave him refuge by murdering its people for practicing its culture.  A teacher was beheaded because of cartoons.

There’s another vital element to all this; most of the fake “asylum seekers” and “refugees” arriving in Europe are Muslims.

Many will balk at the mention of religion and insist it doesn’t matter, but that is simply absurd.  What a person is raised to believe about the world shapes that person.  Muslims are raised to believe that non-Muslims are vastly inferior and that it is entirely just to conquer us for Allah, using force if necessary.  All of this is stated clearly in the Koran and accompanying scriptures.

I do not want to see Hartlepool become like so many towns and cities across the UK – where illegal immigrants have brought religious tension and crime.

Our MP should be speaking up and addressing the concerns of local people, but like all Labour MPs, he is silent about the big issues people face.  In fact, Labour is 100% behind this project of unlawfully bringing 1,000s to our shores, even while our own people are struggling.

Labour has completely abandoned the British people.  We must therefore return the favour.

In an attempt to gain clarity on the issue for those who contacted me, I sent the following Freedom of Information Request to Hartlepool Borough Council:


Dear Hartlepool Borough Council,

I’d be very grateful if you could supply the following information (by email) under the Freedom of Information Act.

1) How many refugees/asylum seekers have been housed in the Borough of Hartlepool to date?

2) How many refugees/asylum seekers does Hartlepool Council intend to house in the Borough of Hartlepool (what is planned so far?)

3) How much has it cost to house refugees/asylum seekers to date and what percentage of council spending does this amount to?

4) How much does Hartlepool Council intend to spend on housing refugees/asylum seekers in relation to question 2 above?

5) Has any consultation been undertaken with local people regarding the cost of housing refugees/asylum seekers in Hartlepool?

6) Under what instruction has Hartlepool Council decided to house refugees/asylum seekers in Hartlepool? Has the government demanded this?  Has the government offered extra funds for this to Hartlepool council?  How was the decision taken to house refugees/asylum seekers in Hartlepool?

I very much look forward to your detailed reply.

Many thanks and best wishes.

Anne Marie Waters


The Council sent the following answers in response:

  1. This information can be found at the following link.
  2. As part of the national Resettlement Programme there are currently plans to house up to 5 families who will have settled status following their asylum claim in the period 2020/21.  It is unknown how many asylum seekers not included in this programme will achieve settled status and have a priority housing need. 
  3. Resettled families are secured housing in advance of their arrival and this is paid for by the Home Office.  Refugees outside of this programme are allocated housing according to their needs and are responsible for their own rent payments.  If necessary, they can claim housing benefit/universal credit to assist with their housing costs. 
  4. £0.  See response to question 3. 
  5. N/A
  6. Elected members agreed to Hartlepool joining the Resettlement Programme in 2015.  Grant funding is allocated to Hartlepool for eligible families via the Home Office. 


In summary then, the council does not know how many “asylum seekers” will be arriving in Hartlepool, and this was voted for by OUR councillors.

I do often wonder who is prioritised by elected leaders, it certainly isn’t the British people….