As of November 21st 2020, COVID-19 cases in Seaton Carew are among the highest in the North East.  This is obviously bad news as we must get our businesses back open as soon as possible.

The Hartlepool Mail states:

The area, which is home to around 6,000 residents, has a weekly case rate of 880.3 cases per 100,000 people on Friday November 20.

The rate had peaked at 1119.1 per 100,000 people on Thursday November 19 when it was the area with the second highest case rate in the region.

It is very obvious that we must do all we can to help and protect the most vulnerable in our society, but we must also get the Hartlepool economy back on its feet as soon as possible.  These are difficult decisions and choices, but this is not helped by the fact that doctors and scientists who suggest alternative strategies to dealing with COVID-19 are silenced.  Mass vaccination is not the only option.

My position on this is very clear; we must look at all options.  Debate and discussion must include all voices and opinions.  We must always, and under every circumstance, put the well-being of the people first.  The best interests of the people is my guide, I don’t believe it is Boris Johnson’s.  Johnson is far more likely to be guided by the self-interested demands of ‘Big Pharma’.