Here are my priorities for the people of Hartlepool that I will work tirelessly to deliver

Cleaning up our ward! Both bins collected weekly, open up the Burn Rd waste centre without online registration and place CCTV at fly tipping sites with fines for offenders

Bringing jobs to Hartlepool! Reduce business rates. Even before COVID businesses were struggling to stay afloat. Make parking free / cheaper in the town centre. Actively encourage local businesses to hire locally and seek investment in Hartlepool

Stopping the destruction of our green belts and villages! More than 700 homes are sitting empty. They should be put to better use. Give local people a say - by voting - on large new construction projects. Build new housing only on brownfield sites.

I’m Anne Marie Waters and I live in De Bruce ward in Hartlepool with my dogs Jenny and Steffi (Jennifer Capriati and Steffi Graf!)

I’m the leader of the For Britain Movement, the party represented by Councillor Karen King as she works for the people of Hartlepool on our borough council.

I’m very proud of Karen, she is an example of exactly the ‘get it done’ philosophy of ‘For Britain’.

Karen has already provided incredible support to local people and I know will continue to do so.

I founded ‘For Britain’ following the UKIP leadership election in 2017, in which I came second.

My broad manifesto for change in our country was widely supported and so I carried it forward to ‘For Britain’. I love Britain and I want to protect and support its people, its heritage and its identity.  This is why I oppose mass immigration and fraudulent “asylum”.  This is also why my party also gets so much negative press coverage!  There is nothing “racist” or “fascist” about loving Britain and putting its interests first.

My first priority for Hartlepool is to bring jobs and to put people’s taxes to good use.  We cannot do our best for people of our own country when we focussed on people from abroad.

Because my first priority is protecting jobs and livelihoods, I am asking Hartlepool residents to contact me if you are looking for work in Hartlepool and are struggling, or if you have a small business that has been hard hit by coronavirus (of if you had already been hit by excessive rates or other difficulties prior to the pandemic).

We must revitalise Hartlepool and make it a positive and optimistic town.  We can only do this by creating jobs, boosting businesses, and getting our community back on its feet.

Help me to do this.  Help me to challenge council decisions that don’t serve the people of Hartlepool, help me to gather together the input and ideas from across Hartlepool as to how we can bring jobs here, then let’s get on with doing it!

Please check out my Facebook Livestreams page so I can keep you up to date with what I am doing and the latest news.


Hartlepool has a bright future, but it needs new leadership and new ideas.

It’s ready for political change.
It’s ready For Britain!

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